F.cuz’s Lee U will be withdrawing from the group

21 May

Berita menyedihkan datang dari boyband bernama F.Cuz. Salah satu personil mereka akan meninggalkan F.Cuz. CAN Entertainment telah mengumumkan bahwa Lee U (Lee Seung Hyun) akan meninggalkan grupnya. Lee U sempat melakukan aktifitas solonya dan menurut CAN entertainment dan Castle J Enterprise’s bahwa dia memiliki genre musik yang berbeda. Mereka pun berdiskusi bahkan sampai membahas tentang penarikan Lee U dari F.Cuz. Mereka mencari solusi agar F.Cuz dapat melanjutkan aktifitasnya bersama – sama namun sayangnya tidak ditemukan. Setelah melakukan pertimbangan yang cukup sulit Lee U pun memutuskan untuk meninggalkan grupnya. Dan manajemen mereka pun memutuskan untuk menghormati keputusan Lee U. Oleh karena itu, mereka mengumumkan berita keluarnya Lee U dari F.Cuz.

Mereka pun meminta maaf kepada para fans F.Cuz dan berharap akan ada member baru yang akan join dengan F.Cuz. Dan berharap untuk para fans akan tetap mensupport F.Cuz dan Lee U (Lee Seung Hyun).

Berikut adalah pemberitahuan dari CAN Entertainment.

Hi everyone, this is CAN Entertainment speaking.

First, we would like to thank all the fans who have been supporting F.cuz all this time, and we are very sorry about having to announce this bad news to all the fans. The reason for this particular notice is because we want to notify all the fans that F.cuz’s Lee U (Lee Seung Hyun) will be withdrawing from the group.

F.cuz was created based on CAN’s entertainers Kim Jin Chul (Jinon), Choi Yong Hak (KAN), Shim Ye Jun (Ye Jun), and Castle J Enterprise’s entertainer Lee Seung Hyun (Lee U).

They have been through a long period of training, and finally ended their difficult, stressful yet joyful training days by debuting on January 8th, 2010, officially starting their activities under the name F.cuz. During this period of time, not only did F.cuz worked on their activities in Korea, but they also traveled to Japan and Taiwan, expanding their activities oversea. Also, they have been working extremely hard due to their wish to become better for their fans.

However, beginning this year, both sides of the management agencies have been seeing Lee U’s solo activities as well as his music preferations differently. After many discussions, they have, unfortunately, even came to discussing about withdrawing Lee U from F.cuz. Related entertainment agencies expressed that, in order for the 4 member group to continue their activities together, they could not find any solutions to this other than what they have been previously discussing about. And Lee Seung Hyun have made this very same decision after a long while of tough consideration. At the end, their management agencies decided to respect Lee U’s decision, therefore announcing the news that Lee Seung Hyun will be withdrawing from the group.

To all the fans who have been loving and caring for F.cuz until now, we would like to apologize deeply.

We will hope for a new member to join F.cuz with lots of potential, and the hope for F.cuz to start fresh again. We would also hope for the fans to support the brand new F.cuz and the future of Lee Seung Hyun.

We would like to once again deeply apologize for this piece of news, CAN Entertainment (Entertainment that will definitely become better).

Take Out With Full Credit

waaah aku sedih banget denger  berita ini berhubung aku suka Lee U di F.Cuz:(. Saranghae LEE U Saranghae F.Cuz.
source: f.cuz internasional forum
posted by Ghina

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