BEAST – The Fact romanization lyric with translation

20 May


[DJ] geojitmal iya geojitmal iya
ireohke kkeutnael suneun eobseo
dashi dorawa jebal dorawa
niga nal tteonaganeunge mitgijiga anha

[HS] eotteon mareul neoege haebwado
da soyong-i eobtgettjiman
igeon aniya igeon aniya
i sashileul mitgi mothagesseo

[DW] igeon modu geojitmal iya
sashil-i aniya deoneun mitgi mothae
dorawa dallago myeotbeoneul malhae naege
igeon geojitmariytteo
[YS] ijen neoneun nae yeope eobtjanha
geuge sashil i ya mitgo shipji anha
dorawa dallago su eobshi yaegihaebwado
jigeum-i geojitmalyeoyahae

[KK] geojitmal iya geojitmal iya geojitmal iya geojitmal iya
sashil-i anya sashil-i anya sashil-i anya sashil-i anya

[JH] It’s a fact
meorineun aneunde mam-i injeongeul mothagettde samkyeojil deuthan bulangam-e
nado moreuge naoneun bohobonneung ddoneun jibchakin deuthae
meori wiro tuk hago ddeoleojyeobeorin-i sanghwang
dojeohi kamdang halsu eobseo nan
biweo naelsu eobtdamyeon saero chaeweobolke
neowa naui iyagireul dashi sseonaelyeo galke

English Translation

[DJ] It’s a lie, it’s a lie
We can’t end like this
Come back to me again, please come back to me
I can’t believe the fact that you are leaving me

[HS] No matter what I say to you right now,
It’s going to have no effect whatsoever
This isn’t right, this isn’t right
I can’t trust this fact

[DW] This is all a lie, not the truth
I can’t believe it any longer
I will tell you many times to come back to me
This is all just a lie

[YS] Now you are no longer next to me
That is the truth, I don’t want to believe it
Come back to me, even if I say this many times
All of this just has to be a lie right now

[KK] It’s a lie. It’s a lie. It’s a lie. It’s a lie
This isn’t the truth. This isn’t the truth. This isn’t the truth. This isn’t the truth.

[JH] It’s a fact
My mind knows, but my heart can’t get accustommed to it
In the uncertainty, without even knowing, I keep clinging on to the different parts
This situation that fell on top of my head randomly
I can no longer handle it
If I can’t empty you, I will try to erase again
I will rewrite the story of you and I

source: b2strising

posted by Ghina


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