To Kangin From ELF

4 Aug

baru- baru ini (forum super junior) membuat sebuah projek untuk selalu mendukung member super junior “Kangin” yang sedang menjalani wajib militer.. kabarnya video yang berdurasikan 7 menit ini akan disampaikan langsung kepada kangin saat ia cuti dari wajib militernya di minggu ke lima setelah ia pelatihan.. video ini berisikan pesan-pesan dari para ELF di seluruh dunia (tercatat ada 39 negara yang ada di video ini, termasuk Indonesia didalamnya)..

The letter translation:

Kim Youngwoon
Its been almost 5 years since you’ve debuted
And during those 5 years, we have gone through so much together
Ups and Downs, Highs and Lows
But we’ve been there to support you through it all.

This day was expected, when we’d have to part and say good bye
But its just a short goodbye, until you’ll be back with us all again
Not a day will go by that you’re not in our thoughts
Not a day will go by that we don’t think of your smile and your laugh

E.L.F. from around the world have been with you since day one
and will continue to be by your side forever

We couldn’t be prouder of you for taking this decision. We know you’ll excel in this as you do everything else.

See you in 2012 with our arms wide open.

We love you.

source: youtube (sjworldnet)



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