Wonder Girls Show Recap in MTV World Stage Malaysia

3 Aug

berikut adalah rekapitulasi pertunjukkan wonder girls di MTV World Stage Malaysia:

8:03pm: Wonder Girls are up next! The anticipation can be felt through the air!!!

8:05pm: Wonder Girls are up and dancing in rocking blue cages!!! Looking super sexy in as well! Woot!

8:07pm: Ahhh! It’s the “I Wanna” and “Goodbye” remix! The girls can dance so well! Amazing!

8:11pm: Wonder Girls are addressing the crowd right now. They are so cute! It’s “So Hot” at MTV World Stage Live In Malaysia 2010!

8:13pm: It’s “So Hot” that they took off their jackets! For those who are not here, you guys are missing out big time!!!

8:16pm: Wonder Girls are saying hello to everyone in the crowd! It’s their first time here in Malaysia and they are really honored! They revealed that they are going to do something special for Malaysia!

8:17pm: The crowd is chanting “Tell me, tell me!” Guess what song is next?

8:22pm: Great rendition of “Tell Me”! Now they are seguing into their latest song, “2 Different Tears”!

8:25pm: “2 Different Tears” rock remix! Wonder Girls picked up their guitars and shot FIREWORKS OUT OF THEM!

8:27pm: Whoohoo! Rock version of “Nobody” is on right now!

8:28pm: Is that it? It’s all dark on stage…

8:33pm: The girls are back! In their sparkling “Nobody” costume!!!

8:34pm: Wow. It feels soooo different watching “Nobody” live! NOBODY BUT YOU!!!

8:37pm: Fireworks to end the set! Wonder Girls said TERIMA KASIH! Whoohoo!!!

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source: worldstage.mtvasia.com



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