100115 LIVE KBS Music Bank

15 Jan

Yang hadir dalam acara ini adalah, C.N. Blue, BEAST, After School, Rainbow, Brian, Hyuna (4minute), Yoon Seo Jin, Shoo, Shinee, ZE:A, F.cuz, Womens Generation, Ab Avenue, Jiggy, HAM, T-ara, Davichi, 2PM, Jokwon (2AM), Ga In (BEG), dan SeeYa.

BEAST – Mystery

C.N. Blue – I’m a Loner (Debut)

After School – Because of You

Rainbow – Not Your Girl (merupakan lagu balasan untuk Ur Man SS501)

Brian – My Girl

Hyuna (4minute) feat. Junhyung (BEAST) – Change

Yoon Seo Jin – Let’s Love

Shoo – Other Then Me

ZE:A – Mazeltov (Debut)

SHINee – JoJo

SHINee – Ring Ding Dong

Ab Avenue – Love for Two

HAM – Do Geun Do Geun

T-ara, Davichi, SeeYa -Wonder Woman

2PM- Tired of Waiting

2PM – Heartbeat

2PM (Nickhun + Taecyeon) CF

Jokwon + Ga In win

Minho (SHINee)+ Uee (After School) Interview

source: youtube (lippyliplip, Mllktea3, popkisssicle3, bwmow5, chriscorpius6, TheVampiregalz)

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